Greeting Cards tagged as: Fun & Humor

  • Cleanliness is the best policy

    Cleanliness is the best policy

    Bhogi Pongal emphasizes on "Pazhaiyana kazhithalum.. puthiyana puguthalum". Clean home for a cleaner environment.

  • Fly high this year

    Fly high this year

    Amazing animated e-card that can add up more joy to your New Year celebrations

  • New Santa New Gifts

    New Santa New Gifts

    A year's collection of happiness, wrapped inside a small gift

  • Dhaam Dhoom Diwali

    Dhaam Dhoom Diwali

    Spread your warm, swift Diwali wishes everywhere!

  • The Essence of Diwali

    The Essence of Diwali

    Warn your dear friends for a fun-filled and a fire safe Diwali!

  • Diwali Sparkles

    Diwali Sparkles

    Come, join with me.. lets make this world colorful.. on this sparkling day of Diwali.